The perfect application system for managing your hotel or apartment

At sigho we have focused all our efforts on creating a state-of-the-art tool that optimizes processes and offers an excellent service.

This innovative suite of applications is the result of the know-how and experience that our team has acquired in the intensive use of artificial intelligence, artificial vision and natural language processing applied to the tourism sector to adapt it to the new reality.

The result: optimization and automation of critical processes, differentiation, customer satisfaction, improved decision making, time management and positioning.

We also open the door to the "contactless" world with the integration of our application to the world of home automation.

Tell us what use to incorporate and we will make it happen.

Anything is possible with sigho.

Experience the benefits of a comprehensive web-based system

SigHo le da acceso a sus datos desde cualquier dispositivo y desde cualquier lugar siempre que tenga acceso a Internet.
Algunas de las caracteristicas más importantes que ofrece SigHo:

Módulos y Características

sigho is a suite or set of applications created to streamline and increase productivity in the hospitality and tourism sector, it is the definitive tool that any hotelier would like to have.

can you imagine having a single system to manage each and every one of the departments of your hotel? the solution to your problems is called sigho

however, sigho is designed from the outset to interface with any other software. this means that you can choose to use any of our modules independently without changing your current software.

Full guest control

Direct contact with reception

We open a direct channel of communication with the guest so that he can request any service immediately.

Gestión de la limpieza de la Habitación

The guest will be able to notify the moment in which the room is available for the cleaning service.

Control Remoto de la Habitación

Opening of doors, off and on of lights, control of the television and other devices connected to the network.

And much more

See what is being billed to your room in real time, check out all the services and facilities you can enjoy, and much more useful information...

Conexión con los canales de ventas más importantes

Use sigho to synchronize availability with your channel manager and booking module. this way you will always have the same prices and availability in your hotel, on your website and in the otas.

Ask us for information without obligation

Ask us for information without obligation. you have at your disposal all the guarantee and reliability of the most advanced technology to get the most out of your hotel.